Prompted: Secrets are Dangerous

Write Now Writing Prompts

Author’s Note:

I thought it high time I dipped my toe back into some flash fiction. I’m pretty rusty though, so be gentle. It was the best I had in me for 5 minutes of writing…



To be human was to have at least one. As small as clamping down on a bottom lip to avoid emotion spillage in a valiant effort to protect the heart against pain from others to those more sinister; things that would leave tooth marks were they to come to light, everyone carried their own.

Funny thing about secrets though. They always seemed to get out no matter how tightly they were held. Some seemed to bubble up as if from an underground stream and no one knew where exactly where it had come from.

Others blew wide open, exploding with grand dramatic flair, leaving a swath of mayhem and chaos. And annihilating all within it’s wake.

No one was safe when they had secrets.

This was a fact she knew only too well. She had many such secrets and her soul was heavy with them. Because she knew things. She couldn’t help it, didn’t ask for it, definitely didn’t want it-but there it was. Such was life and it wasn’t going to change.

So just how she had worked for him for ten years without knowing what the company’s real business was, well, it was beyond her. How could she hear the whispers in her mind-the whispers that never ceased unless she was alone and safely shut away within her soundproofed rooms, but fail to catch this?

Worst of all, now that she did know, what was she to do? She couldn’t continue working for him, the man who had alternately scared and seduced her time and again. Silly. What did it matter now? What she would be doing would be condoning the unthinkable.

That she could not abide.

She felt she had just enough room for one more secret.

And it would belong to her alone.


2 thoughts on “Prompted: Secrets are Dangerous”

  1. It is nice to see you dipping your toes in the writing pool again and a great story for the start.

    I kinda see myself as a keeper of secrets. not my own, there are few things about me that i keep secret. But i have found in my life that people will confide in me some of their secrets. I always think that it is because I do not tell. ohhh the things i know and just keep to my self.

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