Prompted: Love Hurts



Authors Note:

Flash fiction written under the influence of a temperature. Because life is meant to be an adventure and this qualifies.

Love Hurts

He hadn’t been looking for a savior. Knew that love never conquered all. Despite what the fairy tales said. But when she came along, things…changed.

He found himself grinning stupidly for no reason other than in response to her batting her long eyelashes. He did things he wouldn’t normally do. Like suffer through a movie with subtitles. Seriously, if that wasn’t love, he didn’t know what was.

But he had never said it. Not those three words she often, to the point of being downright annoying, had longed for him to say.

He just wasn’t that type. So sue him.

To him, love meant showing it in your actions, not in meaningless words that conveyed nothing but hot air. And hadn’t he done just that?

She had said with a sigh about her birthday wish for the year being for him to rid their yard of the multitude of oak leaves before snow flew. Because it would be so much prettier to look at. Since he wouldn’t (sigh, whine, hint) say I love you.

Well, fine.

He got the hint. He was on a mission. He would prove his love to her even if it meant their yard would be a bare lot before he was through. He had attempted several things but…then he had had an idea.

This time he was sure his plan for dealing with the fallen leaves would work. She would know once and for all, that he, yes-he-loved her.

Maybe then, she would shaddup.

And he had succeeded. Not with gas, matches and a bare lot, that would be crazy, but in the leaves be gone sense.

“He’s not out of the woods yet.”

Geez. The voices in his head were back. Why wouldn’t they leave him be? Or… had he gone round the bend? Maybe she had driven him bonkers, it wasn’t too far-fetched.

And where was he? Why couldn’t he move? Why couldn’t someone turn off that infernal beeping and why wasn’t he hearing the dulcet tones of her-his love, his crazy in the making woman, his beauty, his lif-“Damn him.”

Wait. What?

“Why he thought re-wiring bug zappers around all the trees and to those electric nets was a good idea, I’ll never know. All I wanted was a rake and sweat.”

Aha. Idiot. Right.

The things he did for love.








3 thoughts on “Prompted: Love Hurts”

  1. Ha! That was great CeeLee – a very clever take! You are so good with those prompts. I am a little troubled now, what must my wife be thinking about me, having not yet raked the leaves this year…

    1. No worries Mike, I’m positive you’re safe 😉
      I’m sure you wouldn’t try bug zappers.
      At least I think you wouldn’t.
      Um…don’t, okay? Try them? lol

    2. It is official! Less than two weeks before Christmas and I have finally raked up the leaves in my yard – woohoo! I did not resort to any unorthodox methods; relying on the tried and true rake, blower, mower method. I do not have access to a bug zapper so I could not do that even if I wanted to (which I didn’t) – although I did a quick sideways glance at the toaster on my way out the door but thought better of it.

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