Writer’s Block and Desire


This goes out to my absent wordsmith/writing liaison. Please come back soon. You are sorely missed.


“I’ve taken a break from writing,”

announces the Queen of All Statements Redundant.

Not because I wanted to or was feeling  ornery, it was more like the words wouldn’t  come out.

I can’t count the times I’ve come here over the past 3 weeks, staring at the blank screen and waited, hoping that my personal word liaison; the one responsible for translating the jumble of thoughts ricocheting around my brain into that of cohesive (or just coherent, I’d settle for that) sentences would show up, but they never did.

I’m frustrated.

And I’m struggling.

I’m far more accustomed(resigned) to my words not coming when I’m having to speak aloud, rather than the written ones. When the need is present to be pc or eloquent, I can pretty much count on the liaison not to be.

Maybe it’s due to the emotional intensity and roller coaster of events that have transpired this year, or maybe it’s something else entirely. There are so many things-good things and great things-to tell and it’s just not gonna happen-today.

Be that as it may, having writer’s block bites.

So, rather than bore you with more blithering about what isn’t happening, I’ll let you hear what I’m hearing.  Who knows, maybe my wordsmith rep will hear it as well.

And take the hint.

Tomorrow will be a better day.








5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block and Desire”

  1. The best flick ever was shown there. Idiosyncrasy or as I call it brainfart.

    But hey come visit me some time may I get that wordsmith running again and not even music to jump start your lesion

    1. Okay Crow.
      Think something got lost in translation here.
      Lesion? I know not of what you speak.

      Well…yeah I do.
      But I call it flayed soles, thanks to my interval training at the gym lol
      Thinking I should give my blisters names, as they may be around awhile 😉

    2. Who knows
      Guess I had a brain fart of some sort. or not knowing where what came from.

      Any who did it smell like any kind of inspiration or was it just the onion smell of sweat.

      Happy writing.

    3. Oooh no just means I should stay of the onions and need a bath 😛 The black feathers do tent to get sticky with all that blood and smell a little. 😀

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