Right Here, Right Now



This year has started off with a bang and I’ve hit the floor running. Not unexpected, not if you know me, but not a calamity either.

Right here–I look like a train wreck, sitting on the side of the tub. You see, I’ve run the soles off my feet. Funny ha-ha to you, nowhere NEAR the vicinity of funny to me.

Right now– I’m trying to ignore the pain of an Epsom salt bath on raw and weeping flesh by writing this post using the voice feature on my cell.

The distraction isn’t working as well as I’d hoped. There might be tears involved as I dictate this,  but MY version of the story will reflect that my contacts are due up to be changed.

I’m still doing this and I will not give up.

I’ll come back to that in a few.

Right here–in this very house, I’ve decided since  I’d spent the latter part of 2015 saying goodbye to the people I’d outgrown, successfully laid to rest a few pesky ghosts, slayed some troublesome dragons-AND lived to tell the tale, I might be on to something good.

Right now–the way I see it, my choices are simple. I can trot down this path and continue to grow or I can hesitate and get knocked cattywampus by my own momentum.

I’m choosing door number one because cattywampus is not a good look for me.

You know, in case you were wondering.

That door happens to be an almighty big one and is going to be difficult to kick open and stomp through.

I’m scared but determined.

I’ve written before that I’m a veteran runner when it came to all things drama and that’s true. I’m also a total boss at wielding my handy dandy black paint brush to paint out and effectively forget, the people, things, and situations that have caused me pain.

The forgetting has been one of my best defense mechanisms, and I’ll miss it dreadfully, but I’m not going to use it anymore.

Right now–I choose to face these things head on and move forward instead of avoiding them.

In so doing, I’m giving myself the gift of my own life back. I’ve set some very specific goals and hope to reach them soon.

Right here–moving to a different position at the company I currently work for, making more money, and getting better benefits is the best thing for myself and for Duck.

I want these things and I WILL get them.

Right now–I’m taking back control of my life and it shore do feel fine. Sort of. Kinda. Mostly. Like 99% of the time. The feel fine part of it, I mean.

Which may shed some light on the reason for a gym membership and the interval training and my poor feet that have been the cause of this disjointed post via cell.

This is the year of a whole new me and I will not back down. Come watch me win. I dare ya.

Addendum…Not that it matters much to anyone other than me-I’ve done 12.5 miles of interval training since this past Tuesday. Because I’m proud of it and I’m cool like that.




19 thoughts on “Right Here, Right Now”

  1. I never left… You just played hide and seek with us and you was damn good about it 😛

    So step into that spotlight and see you put on your best performance.

    Big hugs and always watching from above. xxx Keep smiling

    1. I am good at that game aren’t I? 😉
      Never been too comfortable in the spotlight, always preferred to fly under the radar. This, this is hard to do but I know you’ll be around to nudge me if I get shaky. Hugs to you Crow 🙂

    1. Well, perhaps we don’t want that. But sometimes moving forward with limited vision allows us to go directions we would never have consciously chosen.

    2. Amazing isn’t it?
      How if we stop trying to see every minute detail before we move forward and choose instead, to be brave and just do it, how much simpler life becomes?
      It took me a long time to learn this lesson. But I sure am glad I did 🙂

  2. It is great to hear that things are going well for you and Duck.

    Slaying dragons and putting to rest those pesky ghosts….well all i can think of it that sometimes the best things for ourselves can be some of the hardest to do. i have spent many a years reflecting on the things of my past and the one thing that i can truly say about that is…change is good even if it is not an easy thing to do,,

    Keep up the great work(((damn 12.5 miles of interval in 4 days))) I understand why you have hamburg soles..

    ~~sets up a lounge chair and gets some nice healthy snacks~~
    Yup…….i will take on that dare to watch you win.

    1. Rock on Forrest. It’s been such a…awesome year’s end and great start to another. What a ride 🙂

      Buckle up my friend, it should be a good show.
      Full of flops, fails, lessons to be learned (like not wearing yoga pants and trying to run) before the most epic of wins. 😉

      Because I’m in it to win it, after all. 🙂

    1. Man oh man, I hope it is.
      I hope your year will be good too.
      I’m betting it will, just look at everything you’ve done so far.
      I may not be as vocal as I usually am, but I’ve been cheering you on from the wings. 🙂

  3. Love the attitude, we’re well into 2016 but I thought I’d say keep rocking this year anyways 😉

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