CeeLee’s Smile


Sorry I’ve been away, but I’ve so much to show you…

I hated my smile
Always hiding my smile


Let’s recap.

I’ve hated smiling for years.  (Refer to above picture) I abhorred picture time and would stretch my mouth as wide as I could, in hopes that no teeth would show.

That is, if the flat out running away wasn’t an option. Most times, it was not, sad to say.

But as much as I dreaded pics and my photo sniper family and the subsequent hours spent, trying to filter out the many off-guard moments captured in time, I dreaded going to the dentist more.

Because it never ended happily for me.

That came to a screeching halt this summer when I decided that I was tired of ducking my head or putting Duck’s big toothy grin in front of me as camouflage.

After all, this has been my breakout year. The year I took back my life and walloped the hell out of some big ole dragons.

Still strong
I got brave and fixed my smile.

A side note?

He’s happier too, at not having to be front and center or placed at weird angles, as my human smile shield.


I love my smile
Instead of my camouflage, Duck’s a photo bomber


It wasn’t easy.

Sure did hurt a ton.

Took almost the whole summer, but its been worth all the effort.

Yep, this is me.

Life is good
And I’m smiling


Oh yeah, before I forget.

Did I mention I’m back and better than ever? Consider it mentioned.  😉






17 thoughts on “CeeLee’s Smile”

  1. So glad you’re back…and you look great!! But I always thought you were beautiful, both inside and out 😊

  2. Well it does not need a smile to write an email..

    Haahaha I am kidding… jezus….

    I never noticed… pretty sure I seen you smile def heard you smile lol…

    Welcome back CeeLee and you better be staying this time around.. or else I super glue your teeth to the back ground of my screen so your not going anywhere.

    They sure are shiny… we like shiny.. Pick Pick.. Tap… OOps broke a tooth there 😛

    1. I’ll be collecting that tooth now, silly Crow.
      Took me a gazillion hours of pain and will power to lose one now 😉

      Missed you tons. 🙂
      Yes, I do believe you’ve heard me smile.
      And yeah, you might very well have seen me smile, though that was so long ago.

      I’ll be sticking around now that most of the surgeries are done and over. 🙂

  3. Awh I couldn’t be happier for you Cee! Everybody’s got a great smile and you certainly do too ! Glad to see you here. I just got back from my break too. Hope to see you around !
    Much love to you 💞

    1. Thanks Zee!
      Will be cruising your way shortly.
      Hope all is well with you and yours.
      Am anxious see everything I’ve missed.
      Many hugs,

  4. Welcome back………….

    The smile looks greater than ever(did i mention you had a nice smile to begin with…..)

    Hope to hear more from you

    1. So kind Forrest 🙂

      Yeah, I’ll be around much more often now. Just had more to deal with than expected.

      Miss ya so much
      We really should catch up soon 🙂

  5. Well would ya’ lookie here – seeing a new post on the pool sure put a smile on my face (except mine didn’t hurt a bit)

    I had me a smile built a couple of years ago so I feel your pain (and not just in that namby-pamby political sense) fortunately I found a good dentist with a 55 gallon drum of Novocain and he was not afraid to use it…. They say no pain no gain… GAIN! 😀

    I won’t chastise you for not blogging in so long only because I have seen signs of life from you on twitbook and facer. I will just continue to click you from my favorites links cuz you are…. welcome back tho.

    1. So happy I made you smile, Mike.
      It’s been quite awhile, I know.
      I’ve been remiss in posting, but having since concluded my summer project, I’m happy to say I’m breaking the silence. 🙂
      And you made my day, just in case you were wondering. Being a favorite of yours is an honor indeed.

  6. Keep smiling my friend as your smile is lovely and suits you even though you are wearing Speedos 😉 That’s cool 😎 ❤

    1. When I saw “Ralph” and “Speedos” in the same comment my first thought was to quickly turn away thinking “Oh no, he’s at it again!” … When I worked up the courage to turn back I find he was only saying what everyone was thinking. Cool indeed 8)

    2. I agree totally lol
      Ralph and Speedos…well, the image in my head goes together as well a peanut butter pickle sandwich might 😉
      Funny to think about but…lol
      Love ya Ralph 😆

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