Living the dream

I made it
Steel toes have become very familiar


Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary of early mornings, steel toes and a hard hat.

Doesn’t sound like much, true, but for me?

Freaking outstanding because I really, really hate mornings.

Especially early ones.

I came here tonight after another (successful) day of living through gearing up for the craziness that only comes once a year. One accompanied by all the wildness of a carnival, but coupled with more importance and urgency.

As it should be.

I sat down intending to write on a different topic tonight, I did, but this seems to be the only one that’s wanting to be written.

I blame the Fireball.

It’s more than capable of standing up to the raised eyebrows I’m likely evoking.

Take this haters
I’m feeling pretty darn smug…



Thing is when I started this job, I was asked if I was nuts. Surely I must be, so far from my past career, insanity could be the only possible explanation for this dramatic change.

So physically demanding and rough. And certainly not like me at all.

That must be it, I had officially gone down the hill and ’round the bend.

I was informed, and by more than a few smugly smiling faces, that I wouldn’t last a month, a week, not even a day.

Bets were placed.

Guess who’s smug now?

I'm feeling pretty darn smug. If not exactly a beauty queen...
Smug…if  not exactly a beauty queen…scuz the sweaty hair and dirt


I’ve had my share of victories, great big ginormous victories, but am not without some regrettable losses too.

I suppose it’s the push.

You know.

The balance that must be maintained. Good with the bad and all that stuff.

I try to remember this every day.

Though admittedly, some days are better than others.

Today, I was able to speak to an overseas friend I haven’t spoken to in years. (You know who you are)

One who made my day, just by hearing their voice. And made me feel like I’d come home.

The thing I’m thinking about right now?

I made it.

Oh yeah, you better believe I’m smiling.











8 thoughts on “Living the dream”

  1. I will just say this.

    Rock On!

    Happy anniversary and cheers. One more drink won’t hurt 😀

    I am so happy to hear you smiling. Fanfrickingtabulous CeeLee.
    And I know what you are thinking. We share half a brain 😛 that is of a half that was left.

    1. Yes Crow, but was that right half or the left half that was left? Aw nevermind, my eyes just crossed 😉

      Thank you though, for whichever half you gave me, as it’s come in quite handy 😆

  2. Congratulations……I know what this means to you and i have to say (with a smile) how happy i am to see that you made it, glad you feel the smugness of accomplishment and adversity in front of people who pooh poohed you at the beginning.

    1. Okay.
      Full confession.
      I might have giggled a little bit over the pooh poohing part, but you nailed it. 😉
      Yes, Forrest, I’m feeling smug. And worn out, but mostly smug. It’s a great feeling to have partnered up with accomplishment. I think I could actually get used to it 🙂

    2. Usually it is Forrest…
      My hair is standing on end or on fire or I’m being chased by an angry Duck wearing my pj shirt and having been informed of the fact AFTER a fun filled middle school day…;)

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