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Who the Hell Is CeeLee ?

CeeLee is ADHD

Who I am

My name is Christine Lee but I go by CeeLee (See-Lee). This is my personal blog. I have adult ADHD which really just means that every day is an adventure.

Some of those adventures end well and some not so well. And by not so well, I mean like trying to nail jello to a tree.

It’s okay though. I get even with all the snafus and mishaps by writing about them, making them funny.

Turns out they hate that.

It’s never dull at my house. Not with Murphy’s Law in full effect, a half-grown son named Duck, and…me.

Nope, life damn-sure isn’t easy, it’s never dull, but it is usually kinda humorous.

You know. To everyone it isn’t happening to.



Have a question or comment but too shy to post it?
I understand. So just contact me directly.
I’ll keep it between us.

82 thoughts on “Who the Hell Is CeeLee ?”

    1. I don’t know quite what to say except for thank you!
      I’m honored, and, well-you’ll have to excuse me,
      you just managed to make me speechless
      and that’s a feat all in it’s own 😉
      Thank you! 🙂

  1. It hard to be “Abbott” when you’d like to be “Costello!” However, you keep getting up on stage everyday just the same. Thanks for sharing with me and the other readers your wonderful life. The blog is a good read, keep it going! Skip.

    1. Hi there Skip!
      This was so sweet to read, especially since it seems as though you can empathize. 🙂

      Life is definitely a tough act to follow, and has no qualms about throwing me a curve ball or four (reminds me of a few college professors who advised me not to quit my day job) but eh…what can you do but laugh a bit and move on? 😉

      Thank you for the encouragement. The timing was great! What’s your secret? LoL

    2. You got it right there…”LOL”….loads of laughter! Sometimes, it’s “lots of love.” Anyone who persues a dream, who won’t sell out, nor give up, is a winner already.

      Learn to be satisfied with what you accomplish, and try to accomplish until you are satisfied. Life “lived,” is not for the timid…


    3. Well, I’m giving it the very best try that I can.
      It’ll never be said that I didn’t try my damndest.
      Succeeding, heh, now that remains to be seen, but part of the fun.

      Satisfaction is harder still, to come by,
      as I’m a perfectionist (isn’t that just mean? ADHD & perfectionism?)
      but the way I figure it, is if the platypus (that’s one screwy animal and our mascot)
      can do it~so can I. 😉

    4. ADHD & perfectionism is nothing more than to say you don’t “set the bar…you are the bar!” Yes, it may be used as a motto on some worthless incurance commercial, but we’ll apply it here to give the saying some true value.

      The platypus…really?


    5. I like that…and it definitely applies here.
      I am the bar. I’m sunk. LOL

      Yes, we love the platypus~my duckling discovered them
      at about a year of age and as it’s a study of contrasts
      and so are we, why not make it our official mascot? 😉

    6. Sound reasoning! I know little about platypuses (sp?), but I’ve learned a bit about people and we are all different…and the same all at once!

      (P.S. There are “perks” to being the bar. You can put the performance anxiety on the “other guys,” instead of bearing it yourself.)

      Enjoy your day, lady, and drop in anytime!


    7. Skip, you are a very interesting individual LOL
      And that’s a compliment just in case you were scratching your head.
      You’ve really given me food for thought ( no pun intended)
      Thank you, for both the comments and the insight.
      Both are welcomed 🙂

    8. CeeLee, I like what I have learned about you as well. You have a great sense of humor, yet obviously shoulder a good bit of responsibility.

      We are all looking for “something” or “something more” to add to either ourselves or life…or both. I don’t have all of my answers yet, and to be honest, I believe we all pass from this life with questions still in our hearts and minds!

      What we need to learn, in my opinion, is to be satisfied that we are prepared for the next life as best as we can be. Those answers are available to us before mortal death.

      I’m trying to find more happiness and contentment in my life too. But I must not fail to be ready for life eternal, and I pray I won’t be.

      But if I can help others to consider this way of thinking, I will have achieved some of that earthly satisfaction I’m looking for myself.

      If I haven’t “scared you off,” you can always write me at any time about anything you’d like to discuss. I’m a sincere person…(one has to be so careful on the “net”)!

      But we can share about life and see what kind of trust, respect, and friendship can develop.

      Take care,
      email: “food4thesoul93@yahoo.com”

    9. Scared me off (grins before remembering you can’t see me)
      That’s pretty good…if you only knew LOL
      Now I bet that’ll scare you off! 😉

      And I digress, must be time to reload on Adderall.
      Friends are always welcome here, as are comments.
      We’re all trying to do the same thing out there.
      Live, learn, have fun doing both, or laughing at our (mine are epic) fails 🙂
      Life is tough enough, we all need levity to kind of balance the scales.

      Rock on 😉

    10. Yeah, sure, whatever you say lady…well, gotta go…(he turns and runs for the door, even if you can’t see me)!

      Naw, I don’t scare away too much anymore. Glad you didn’t see how high I jumped when Carrie’s arm came out of the grave in the movie of the same name…H-e-a-r-t-a-t-t-a-c-k!

      And yes, you nailed it. Some laffs and fun are necessary to get us through this life. That one I learned already. And…some of my failures probably top yours. Sometime, we’ll share some of them if you’d like!

      Take care, CeeLee, it’s good to talk to, at, with you??!!


    11. I’m always looking for comments and such from you! It’s fun if you can just find someone to share with beyond just the level of “blogger buddy!”

      You and your kids take care…

    12. You bet…”get my back and I’ll get yours!” Look forward to sharing more as we go along! Take care, lady!


    13. Don’t know if it’s day or night where you are, so I’ll just say have a great next “24 hours!”

      I like the story you started and asked people to finish. I had a couple of suggestions, let me know if that’s kinda what you’re after…


    14. Hi there and thank you, I hope your next 24 hours goes well too LOL
      Yes, the story is open for a ‘pick your own adventure’ ending,
      done by everyone’s comments. I’d enjoy reading your input. 🙂

    15. Okay…you know it’s a gtreat idea. I have a story called “Opposites” on my site, asking people to offer input. So far, no suggestions, but 7 people say they like it.

      Maybe we can both take a shot at adding to eachother’s story plot. I’ll look for time this coming week or so to think up something…

      Have another great “24”…


    16. Sure thing 🙂
      My days are damn near full as possible,
      so just bear it in mind when I’m not real fast
      in both replying to and/or submitting comments and we’re good 🙂

    17. No problem, CeeLee, we’re “good.” I’m the same way with this blog and caring for a couple of elderly parents, a family, and the rest of “life!”

      I run behind as well, so please understand my delays too. I really like what you write and support you all the way!

      Take care, lady!

    18. Well the same to you! LoL
      I like your writing too. Ah such fun, having life interject at odd moments. The nerve of some people. Getting irritated that I forgot (sorta) to pick them up after work, since the other car is being borrowed by a friend. Seems as though they find my forgetfulness highly annoying. Hmm…maybe they’ll start remembering to take the garbage out from now on. Eh…maybe not. 😉

    19. Now that seems to be a story to tell, CeeLee. You know, maybe you just need someone to help “blow off some steam” gal!

      I’m good for that one. it’s actually better when it’s someone you may not know as well, yet feel you can trust…(Me…over here!)

      If I can help in any way, I’m always glad to do so! You’re a cool lady, and deserve the chance to feel better about the “stuff” which happens in life!

      Anyway, let me know how I can help if you’d like…

    1. How are things going, CeeLee? Hope all is good. Check in as you have tiime…


    2. Just normal crazy busy.
      Funny thing about life.
      It seems to speed up when I’m most tired.
      No rest for the wicked (yawn) LoL

  2. Hey, thanks for the like/follow!

    You weren’t diagnosed ADHD until your 30s? And I thought it was bad getting diagnosed in my mid-twenties! Nice to know there are others out there 🙂

    1. Nope, I was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 32 to be exact.
      When all the coping mechanisms though I didn’t know I had them
      were firmly entrenched, habits of a lifetime had to be relearned, etc
      Rest assured, you’re among friends here 🙂

    2. Oh my… the memories… I remember when I was first diagnosed with ADHD, the diagnosis became its own distraction. In one situation, I was talking, realized I was getting distracted, then remembered about the diagnosis, then realized I was being distracted, then remembered I was trying to say something, then remembered the diagnosis… Anyway, you get the idea 🙂 I ended up stuttering like mad (which I never did before) until the point where I realized I couldn’t finish talking! 😛

      Once I started to get a handle on things, I realized that one of my best coping techniques was “routines”. Downside is I have nothing to attach with to construct a “weekly routine” or an “evening routine” (besides bedtime)… but I have the morning routine down-pat, and I can always find my car keys! 😀

    3. Routines…ah yes. I’ve heard of them often but have yet to see one in action.

      Here I thought they were a mythical creature made by normal people so they could laugh uproariously over the chance to drive ADHD/ADD people whacky! 😉

  3. CeeLee – You amazingly popped up on my own ADHD blog (thanks for the compliments) before I it. Such superpowers! Not to get stuck in a “mutual admiration” society, but I really do laugh at and love your own observations. Keep putting it all out there for the lesser humans to desire what we’ve got.

    1. Hi there 🙂
      And thank you! LOL
      I’d say for you to keep doing the same
      but then the mutual ego stroking would happen,
      allegations of what got stroked, and mass chaos so…;)

      Welcome to my chaos. It’s never boring here!

  4. Hmmm … just learned I cannot put words like “released” in brackets or they disappear. (My sentence above should read, “… before I released it.”) Think I’ll try putting brackets around my taxes and see if they disappear, too.

  5. cee lee- i like your approach. thank you for following the ADD blog. I hope you will find it interesting and useful, and that you will feel moved and inspired to leave comments.
    best wishes

    1. Hi there and you are very welcome Doug 🙂

      Anything that I can find to help me with life,
      work, and balance is very needed, especially now.

      I like your site and definitely will be visiting often!
      As for comments (heh) you do know I’m not quite right, right? 😉
      In other words, be careful for what you ask for LOL

  6. Love this. Such a great job describing the differences between us ADD’ers and the “norms”. I’ve always struggled with that, finding the words and ways to explain myself. My lag seems to be about five minutes 😉 Thanks for following my blog, I very much look forward to reading more from you!!!

    1. I’m so glad you can identify Marissa 🙂

      I wanted to try to explain what it’s like to
      struggle with ADHD, in a way that I hope ‘norms’ can relate.
      Especially those who have no idea what ADHD really is like
      but live with someone who is. 😉

      And the 5 minute lag must be universal, as I have the same 🙂
      I’ve really enjoyed your blog too btw 🙂
      Keep up the good writing, I’ll be there LOL

    1. Hi Darrell,
      Sorry for the wait in reply, I’ve been blasted with net outtages
      winter storms and a fortieth b-day (grrr) LOL
      Love your blog and will be visiting often. 🙂

  7. two cents…. will I get change too? 🙂

    You are, in my experience, one of the Wonderful People in the World spread Light, and love, hope and peace. At WordPress, there are bloggers that consistently promote these qualities and work to be a force for peace and light in our world.I am nominating several today for the Being a Light in the World Award.

    Please visit http://hunt4truth.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/being-a-light-in-the-world-award/ to learn more about YOUR Nomination. I Thank you — your work is the thanks for me.
    ~ Eric

    1. Thank you Eric!

      Wow..2 awards from you. I’m starting to develop quite the ego LOL
      Now I need to get moving so I can catch up on both 🙂
      Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Cathy,
      My giving up on blogging would’ve been one of my bigger mistakes.
      You have a great blog by the way. I found it today and am so glad I did. 🙂

    1. Why thank you Victoria 🙂
      After spending some time last night on your blog, I can say the adoration goes both ways!

    1. Hey, as long as its once a week….LOL Hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend! 😀

    2. And I’m wishing the same right back to ya 🙂
      Uh Oh. Cleaning up once a week? Oh.
      See I thought that it was whenever it rained…
      Guess I was mistaken 😉

    3. Rain works too…lol thank you hon! Going to be a fun busy weekend celebrating my grand daughter’s birthday, March Madness winding down, thank God, and brunch on Sunday.
      Any plans for you?

    4. I’ve plans, tons of them, but none of them sound like as much fun you’re going to have. 🙂
      Well, unless you like cleaning out a garage, bathing a large protesting dog,
      bathing yourself after bathing said dog. LOL
      But let me know if you do, so we can trade places for the weekend 😉

    1. The pics are my way of demonstrating that my perception is a bit skewed. And it applies to all the senses. Which can be good or bad, depending on the situation.

      Say like someone’s stuck for a writing idea…I’m a champ at that. But if it is regarding something like being on time, keeping finances straight, or tech-ALL tech LoL
      Well…? Not so good 😉
      Thank you for your patience with me Ivy, and for dropping a comment. 🙂

    2. You don’t have to thank me really, it’s completely normal. I write like this to all my fellow bloggers 😀

      Yeah I wanted to know because I have a problem of being over-stimulated in a places with a lot of people and noise, for.e. amusement park. Lot of light flashing – no good… So then I feel like a have what I call a dizzy brain, I can’t focus and feel the great need to leave and go somewhere quiet. I have learned to recognise this and respect it, so now when I sense it I don’t look at lights but instead at something in my hand or the person I am with. That is why I wanted to know…

    3. Dizzy brain…yeah. I like that term. 🙂
      A high noise level, lights flashing, a crowd-
      I get overstimulated this way myself, and need to retreat.
      Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t, even when I want to.
      (ie: something Duck-related that he wanted to do and I guiltly agreed)

      Coping during that type of atmosphere is exceedlingly difficult, but possible.
      If given enough time to mentally prepare.
      I’ve been looking into workarounds for those times, but haven’t come up with much.
      If you’re in that situation and can’t hide, is there something that works for you?
      I’d love to know 🙂

    4. Yeah I get you totally. I am not comfortable expressing my problems (still) on a public platform so I can’t be as specific as I want to. I will send an e-mail to you in following days 😉
      One thing that helps me a lot is recognising when it starts to bug me, like the very first minutes I am starting to feel unpleasent and then I just try to shut out from outside and focus on inside, I often close my eyes or try to look at something that is still, maybe sit down for a while and just talk with someone and wait that over-stimulans get in balans and then I’m good and can get involved again. But sometimes it’s either not possible to go to a quiet place or I notice to late and then I need to think in a way that will not make me claustrofobic, and just let myself feel all of it that wants to come out. I know nothing horrible will happen but it is annoying and very unpleasent.

    5. I can relate to much of what you said 🙂 Please drop me an email sometime. I think we’ve several things in common. Maybe our 2 minds together can come up with a few ideas on how to handle overstim and dizzy brain.:)

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