The art of writing...Quote by David Hare

Writing My Dreams CeeLee Style



~Other places you can find my writing~

I live to write. I can’t not write just as easily as I can’t not breathe.
I suppose you can say that I aspire, I dream, and I hope.

Here are a few places you can see the results of my aspirations, may there be many more as the year goes on.

Click the links listed below. Or not.

It may be my dream but it’s your choice. 😉




Here is My Inspiration






2 thoughts on “Writing My Dreams CeeLee Style”

    1. Thank you, your timing couldn’t be better actually.
      I’ve been in a funk lately and this helped me to remember
      ‘my why’ of it all.

      I’ve got the follow the dreams part down (sort of)
      but the success while following my dreams? Yeah…
      Not so much. Yet. LOL

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