My ADHD Story


Everyone has a story…This is mine


My ADHD Story
Check out the shirt-not intentional. But fitting…


My name is Christine Lee   and I have adult ADHD.

I wasn’t diagnosed until my early 30’s, which made life really…fun. See,  up until that point I thought everyone thought in music lyrics and felt emotions in colors.

Yes, yes I did and yes, yes I do.

ADHD perception
So whatcha doin’?


Now you’d think I might’ve clued in when I noticed that no one else shared some of my endearing tendencies like asking

“But why?” 


“What makes that so?”

every 2.3 seconds on the dot, but you’d be wrong. Not me.

Don’t feel bad, you wouldn’t be the first.

Adult ADHD
No, seriously-
whatcha doin’?


I’ve been notified on innumerable occasions that the questions as well as the frequency they’re asked is as attractive as that of a 2-year-old with a runny nose doing the velcro cling to your leg.

Always good to know.

I’m an info junkie and info hoarder

My bright shiny objects come in the form of loose tidbits of information that I’ll likely never use. You probably already got that from the questions part though, didn’t you?  Moving on…

What’s it like to have ADHD?

Okay, so it goes like this. 

My perception and yours will always be different. (See bad pic below).

  Your View


ADHD-2 Differing Views of the Same Thing
You  see…


We may be doing the exact same thing  at the exact same time, but we aren’t in sync. Think of it as if you were watching TV and in the next room, someone else is watching the exact same show.

You can hear both shows but one of them has a slight lag in sound.

Fun little fact?

That reverb usually is off a fraction of a second.


On the less than stellar days? (Cue 2nd bad pic)

My View
ADHD and My perception...
And I  see… See?


Ends up more like my doing the Electric Slide with all the moves opposite of everyone else.

 And I never learned the Electric Slide.


At least I have all my clothes on. In my dreams we’re all losers on that deal. 

 So I’m thinking my warped sense of humor came either as an added bonus or maybe a consolation gift. 


I have my doubts that I’ll ever wish for a more interesting life. Not when life as I know it is nothing but curve balls.  

 But then again, who wants to live a boring life anyway?

That’s my ADHD story, what’s yours?


It’s important to remember there are many forms of ADHD/ADD and not everyone has the same or reacts the same way. This is what having adult ADHD is likefor me.







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