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100 days of Happiness to be continued


We’ll be back next week with a bucketful of happy.

The 100 days of happiness will return


I’m slammed with end of school stuff, job searches,
and disrupting the sanity of many an unsuspecting
telemarketer who calls to confide in me
that furthering my education

for a measly 30,000 dollars-mere pocket change!

is the secret to solving all of my woes.
But only if I act now

it’s a limited time offer don’tcha know

will it not just guarantee my holding the Key of Success

but wait, there’s more!

but it’ll also open the doors to luck in love, relationships,

even to life, itself.

uh huh…yeah.

It’s a tough gig, having to enlighten the ignorant,

but somebody had to do it. 

I happen to be damn good at enlightenment  😉


Have a good Sunday everyone


100 Days of Happiness Week Review 11


May 12th-18th

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  • Monday May 12th

Making some funny pics of a friend, for his “art exhibition” on his blog.
OMG Ralphie, you’re a sexy…a sexy…um…LOL


  • Tuesday May 13th

NO home improvement today.
The lack of noise was weird, but I could get used to it very quickly.
The Iris like it too.  😉

Happiness for my iris blooming after a hard winter

  • Wednesday May 14th

Tough day. Happiness was in short supply.
I didn’t kill my laptop. That’s the best I got.
Oh and the tomato plants are ready to go in the garden. 

Happiness is tomato plants that are ready to go

  • Thursday May 15th

My getting out among the land of the un-zombified
and seeing Duck shine in his school production. He’s such a ham.

Duck rocked his class production

  • Friday May 16th

A surprise fudge sundae from The Redneck.
Never fails to make me smile.

  • Saturday May 17th

 Much thanks to HalfEatenMind for his kind words and for the chance to see my blog from a different perspective. I’ve needed that for some time.


  • Sunday May 18th

 Nowhere I have to be, no hurry to get things done, and giving myself 4 hours, to start redefining my writing. And that works fine for me.

There are weeks that aren’t exactly stellar.

Weeks that make my brain fog up and overheat.

Weeks that make me wonder if I have a target taped to my back.

Thing is, I think our having to go through the crap is necessary.

That our slogging through the hardships preps us

to appreciate the return of happiness all the more.

Wow…did that make sense?

I did mention I’ve serious brain fog going, right?


How about you?

What made you happy?




100 Days of Happiness Week Review 10


May 5th-11th Happiness


  • Monday May 5th

Getting over 500 followers here, at Swim in the Adult Pool.

Over 500 followers for Swim in the Adult Pool blog


  • Tuesday May 6th

Happiness can be seeing beauty within the midst of the weeds


Beauty can be found in the weeds


  • Wednesday May 7th

Seeing a mess and being happy anyway, because you’re doing something worthwhile.  And with hope, the mess won’t be there forever or drive you crazy enough to sing show tunes. Ones you don’t know all the words to.

“O-O-Oklahoma! Where the…uh… O-O-Oklahoma!”


A mess can be okay sometimes


  • Thursday May 8th

A working ac unit on a 85 degree day –simple as that Smile


AC-working and staying cool


  • Friday May 9th

Having Duck with me for Mother’s Day weekend

Mothers-Day Weekend


  • Saturday May 10th

My weekly spotlight on other blogs doing the 100 days of happiness challenge. This week, I found ccandboo.


  • Sunday May 11th

Sleeping in and having breakfast in bed. It was awesome.



How about you?

What made you happy?




100 Days of Happiness Week Review 9


April 28th-May 4th




DIY Home Improvement-Redneck Style


  • Sunday April 27th

Day 1 ADHD had no idea a surprise was coming.

It began without any prior warning…and right after I had said…

“Hey, let’s all relax the rest of the day-sound good?”

Famous last words. I should’ve known to beware of Rednecks with a gleam in their eye. When they do something, they do it big.


Surprise! It's DIY Home Improvement Time

  • Monday April 28th

Day 2 ADHD grins at Home Improvement  and DIY Redneck Style

“DON’T KNOW what those lines are for?

Then ya best not saw thru ’em. hahahaha”

The best lessons in DIY Home Improvement are the hard ones

Happiness: The Redneck not getting anything worse than a case of the twitches after cutting through the house electrical lines-is a win. In his defense, the lines weren’t where lines should’ve been-ever.

  • Tuesday April 29th

ADHD and Home Improvement get snippy

Day 3 ADHD snips at Home Improvement and DIY Redneck Style

Forget this. Let’s rent a flamethrower.”

Happiness: Not having insulation mixed in with my morning coffee is a nice plus during our self induced home improvement week of hell.

  • Wednesday April 30th

Bored with DIY Home Improvement

Day 4 ADHD=bored with Home Improvement DIY Redneck Style

How to tick off a Redneck…

“You don’t think maybe we should keep that wall?”

Happiness:  I’m really glad The Redneck is so dedicated to making our home better in spite of all my snarking.


  • Thursday May 1st

DIY and ADHD don't mix well

Day 5  ADHD and DIY Home Improvement Redneck Style don’t mix

“Can I have a bay window since our main breaker went bad? We’re going to need a lot more light in here now.”

Happiness: I’m able to imagine what this will look like when the hell/home improvement chaos is over. Especially since we have a new main breaker box.

  • Friday May 2nd

ADHD snarls at DIY Home Improvement

 Day 6  ADHD snarls at DIY Home Improvement Redneck Style…

Shanty livin’ in the boonies SUCKS.

Crap! I’ve got spiders in my hair!

Get it out, get it out, get it out! Quit laughing!”

Happiness:  The sun is shining & the power is on and no longer surging or killing innocent electronics. The mystery of the high mortality rate of our electronics has been solved. A main breaker arcing on itself-tends to be bad news all the way around. The electrician told us we were lucky we didn’t have a house fire.

  • Saturday May 3rd

ADHD and DIY Home Improvement don't like each other
Day 7 ADHD actively hates DIY Home Improvement Redneck Style

If I trip over 1 more sawsall-I’m gonna set it on fire.

Stop laughing at me, it’s still not funny!”

Happiness: Spotlighting other blogs doing the #100daysofhappiness challenge. My thanks go to Ms Solo Dolo. She helped to keep me focused on other matters, instead of lighting matches and cackling maniacally.

  • Sunday May 4th

Day 8 ADHD grudgingly concedes victory to DIY Home Improvement Redneck Style.

And requests that the smirking victor grant a 1 day ceasefire on the chaos. 

Where there had been 2 rooms and 2 walls,  there is now only 1 freakishly long room and no walls. I can really see the potential now, without having to tilt my head to the side and close 1 eye.

It will be great, when it’s done.

Our ceiling is the roof, and so much is left to do.

Day 8 DIY Home Improvement Redneck Style

But not today.

This is what I see when I walk out of our bedroom and look up. I prefer to think of it as ‘raw potential’ rather than the giant mess that it is. And it will be, sooner than later. Rednecks on a roll get ‘er done.

Happiness: No DIY work will be done today. The Redneck promised pretty quickly and with a smirk, there must be a NasCar race today.  But as long as I can sit in my house minus a few walls and a ceiling and relax, I’m okay with that. Preferably without angry spider paratroopers attacking from above.



What things made you happy this week?