NaNoWriMo 2012

Write Or Swim In A Cold Pool...Hmmm...Think I'll Write
Good, Bad, or Just Ordinary, I’m Going to Do This!

I think I can, I think I can-I damn well better…

I love to write. It seems that if I go a day without writing, it equates to what old men go through when not receiving their daily fiber intake. I saw an opportunity and I asked my son, who was very helpful in both providing the answer as well as supplying the incentive. Evil li’l guy that he is, he’s hoping I’ll lose. That’s some serious family bonding if there ever was such a thing. He just wants to hear me screech. He told me so and he has complete confidence in me. That I will scream. Gee, thanks kid.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

The challenge has been issued. Write in NaNoWriMo or…take a dip in a cold, in water approximately around the make you want to scream for mercy degree, November chilled (current temperature check has the water at 64 degrees and not likely to get warmer) pool, complete with photo op done by my gleeful 8 year old and my significant other smirking and readying the laptop to post my ‘action shots’ of taking the plunge on my Facebook page. Did I mention they want me to wear water wings and carry a small umbrella? Oh my family loves to encourage me on my writing aspirations! So I say to you, the world isn’t ready for this. Trust me.

I think I'll type
Bets are Being Placed Already…By My Own Family

Nothing like good incentive and a little blackmail

Since the gauntlet has been thrown, and I did kinda start this whole thing myself anyway, I consider the pool and facebook posting to be sufficient, more than sufficient actually, fuel to hunt and peck at my poor old laptop until my fingers either fall off or the laptop gives a heroic groan before dying a death that not even my brother in law can reverse. They are acquainted on an intimate basis, thanks to my non-tech savvy.

I think I can…type myself into a stupor

Trial by fire time. I’ll be posting my daily word counts here, the goal is to make 50,000 (yeah, I don’t start small scale) by November 30th. Come here and cheer me on or razz me til I plead for mercy with disfigured fingers, either way, it’s gonna be interesting!

Write or Swim!

Read how the rest of the NaNoWriMo weeks went below

Search Engine Submission – AddMe



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