Week 3

NaNoWriMo Bets And Ice Bathing
NaNoWriMo Bets And Ice Bathing

I know you’re probably wondering…

I know I was MIA last week but cut me some slack, Jack. My fingers are still numb from pecking out words. My eyes fell out somewhere around…I can’t remember. What day is today, anyway? The short answer is, no. I didn’t hit my NanNoWriMo goal.

A bet is a bet, right?

I won’t welsh on the bet my son and I have. I’ll be honest. I’ve tried to think up every possible excuse under the sun to get out of it, but short of  being stricken with a wildly contagious form of Bubonic Plague, I’ll be taking my lumps like a chick who is brave, and courageous, and… “Oh why aren’t you stopping me? I mean, this is your cue! What do I need to do-yell it? Stop me for heaven’s sake! I doan wanna freeze my appendages off.  Are you sick and twisted or what?! ” Ahem.

Behold! An ice bathing beauty!

And…I’ll be posting pics of the great CeeLee dies when cold water attacks on December 10th. (Which, by the way, is my birthday and no, I didn’t plan it this way. My loving son did) I’m sure you’ll want to see all the great detail, the vividness of a middle aged woman screaming like…well…like when any warm body hits a body of water that is registering approximately just above freeze your ass off, right? Geesh, what vultures!

CeeLee was a bright woman…she shall be sorely missed…

Yeah, I lost on a bet. But I took a chance and for me, that’s almost worth the fate. I’m grateful I could show my son that taking chances in life, doing things just because, and straying just a bit from the comfort zone-that’s what living should be like. Easy for me to say this, from the comfort of a warm home. I expect that will change soon enough, like when I’m desperately rationalizing with an all too eager son and SO with a Cheshire grin, about how we might  reschedule this little soiree til closer to July. You would too. You could help me out you know. Jus’ sayin’…


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