Our A/V Family Experiments Log

Audio and Video Index Page 

What happens when ADHD and youthful energy mix?

Anything and everything can happen and usually does around our house!

This is the index for our…”experiments“.

Experiments into music, maybe even video, if I ever get enough nerve to do them.

Mostly it’s what my son, Duck and I have worked on when we bond.

Or,  when he wanders into my office by mistake and is roped into helping me. Kind of half and half.

Our experiments are (usually) of the A/V variety

Our experiments, but your entertainment. When the two worlds collide it’s chaos but so is parenting a son who has way too much energy!

It could be worse you know.

We could be juggling flaming batons, sky diving, bungee jumping, even cliff jumping, so relatively speaking, it can’t be too bad. Right?

It may not be pretty, but it sure is fun! 

Click the links below if you dare or you’re bored or both.

~Table of Contents~


Our Audios
My ADHD, My Son, And The Math Homework Song
The Homework Battle Royale 2
I Have Adult ADHD


Our Videos…

ADHD Video Challenge
NaNoWriMo And My Bet

This Is Us






7 thoughts on “Our A/V Family Experiments Log”

  1. I like this feature! Neither of my sons had ADHD, (at least I don’t think so, although one did have LTHW…”Learn The Hard Way”). Keep on keepin’ on, lady! Skip.

    1. I think I wrote the book on LTHW 🙂
      Usually though, it’s those particular lessons that stick.
      And thank you 🙂

      While the audio lacks a certain, oh let’s just say it,
      lacks a certain clarity LOL
      We both had fun doing it together~my duckling and I. 🙂

    2. Shows what a “dummie” I am…I didn’t know it had an audio! Gotta go back and listen…LTHW!!!!!

      See ya later, lady!

    3. Thank you for letting me know re: audio.
      I changed the wording a bit so other don’t miss it either.
      I’m glad you let me know 🙂

    4. No problem. It’s great when others can learn by way of my blunders. That feature is probably a great one and now it’ll add even more to it.

      How are things? Let me know when you can.

      Take care,
      Skip 🙂

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