13 thoughts on “Snap Shots Of An Unplugged Life”

  1. Gracious God, Thank you I stumbled upon here to peek into dear CeeLee’s life ! 😀
    Great bunch of photographs ….How about sharing your photography with us, huh? 😉

    1. Great, let me know what you think.
      It’s free and tech challenged friendly to do lol
      Not that you’re tech challenged but still 😉

    2. I saw your album, Its fantastic ! But I don’t know how people are suppose to reach you there? I mean how are they gonna find your album and everything?

    3. Well…I’m working on that part lol
      Just takes time Zee. 🙂
      Patience is a virtue they say.
      I’ll have to take their word for it since I have none,
      but the principle still applies lol

    4. Lol, Okay okay if you say so ! (Which reminds of this song by Lea Michele “If you say so” )
      It looks amazing anyways so you’ll get it right eventually ! 🙂

    5. Thank you and wow did you ever nail it.LOL
      “Eventually” should be my motto.
      Not never, not maybe, just…eventually 🙂

    1. Hi Forrest and thanks 🙂
      What is it with cats and sinks?
      She was fine laying right there until the faucet dripped lol

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