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A Duck’s Day


Today is a special day for Duck.
It’s his birthday.
He just informed me that he is now a man.


Tween birthday's are fun


Regardless of his misconception,  it STILL is his birthday,
We went out to his choice of finer eating establishments


Because 'Choke and Puke' isn't polite

To the car wash.


I had to do something

Yeah, the car wash. I know, right?
Returning home, he chased his new drone around the yard


Lift off isn't easy

While I chased HIM with the camera.
It was the time I’d dreaded most.
Movie time.
And his choice.


Not a Chipmunks fan

That’s right.
Alvin and the Chipmunks.
I’d rather have been kissed¬† by my sister.


New Years...fun

Oh wait.
I already had been. Like 2 days ago.
Yeah…so anyway…
Duck had a blast


is a Happy Mom

And torturing me just added to his enjoyment.


Happy Birthday Duck
I love you so much
(even though you think you’re a man-and you’re not)






So This Is Forty: I Made It


Snow on my bday-it figures
I said flurries! Not Winter Storm! Geesh…



So this is 40

and what have you done?

I turned another year older

Guess what? Hot flashes are not fun


And so this? Yeah. This is forty (groan)

and I made it, I’m totally stunned

All those nearest me,

really should run…

“like to the nearest store

and get blankets-it’s HOT! Aren’t you hot?

It’s cranked up to HELL in here!”


So I had a Winter Storm for a birthday,

Deep within me, cabin fever has sprung

Causing uncontrolled jitters among many,

my family for one


Dear Gawd, I’m staring at forty~

is this what I’d feared? Maybe it’s not all that bad

I mean, no white hairs are present
no wrinkles are here


SO now matter how you take this,

it’s all meant in fun

Just because I don’t remember,

doesn’t mean you can massacre this song as badly as I have done


Sorry John, it wasn’t personal.
Source: So This Is Christmas by John Lennon