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My Executives aren’t Functional Professionals: They have ADHD too


It's My Life, My ADHD-Every Tuesday on http://swimintheadultpool.com

I know what I did last week…

Remember last Tuesday’s post?
The one no one could figure out what was happening or why it was posted at all?

Yeah. I totally did that on purpose

Before you crank up the hate mail, give me a second. It wasn’t to make you all mad at me, to curse my name and spit on my Twitter profile.

Okay, I won’t blame you if you do spit on my Twitter account, I’m not liking the new covers and it shows. But that’s neither here nor there.

The reason I did that, was to give you as clear an example as I could think of, to demonstrate what it’s like to have an ADHD brain.

One that doesn’t fire on all cylinders because of over-stimulation or depending on the stresser, is firing on too many of them.

It’s confusing, isn’t it?

The not knowing which part of the conversation pertains to the other part, the one that you’re pretty sure you’re supposed to remember, but you don’t know why you’re supposed to.

Then comes the trying to understand the part that you now know for certain-you think-you’re supposed to remember, even though you still haven’t defined the why part, just the you’re supposed to part, and….

Oh dear Gawd Ceelee, can’t you make this madness stop?

…heh…Welcome to My world, ladies and gentleman

Executive functions. Those are the things that separate you and your oh so holier than thou thinking, all rational and linear, and I’m so jealous of you right now and…me.

Your executives are professionals

Your executives function at the executive level. They all know their jobs, they’re professionals after all, and they do it right. Your executive functions are friends, they network, and get together just to hang out. Often.

My executives are delinquents

Then there’s my executives. Who have either left the function entirely or are all out together,and taking in a liquid lunch. They don’t function-functionally.

My thinking patterns are not linear, I don’t filter out the extra info tidbits that are like accessories (not necessary, but fun) as well as you do and I get so busy trying to figure out what I need to know vs what I don’t, that I need a nap before 10 am.

You would too.

I get worn out trying to figure out what me to know and then you get put out

So the post last week on the brain info-bomb I received, complete with fighter pilot terminology thrown in as illustration?

Really happened. Yes, the fighter pilots were in the background. Not in the car with us, within my head, and they were as puzzled about being there as you must’ve been reading about them.

That is my brain coping with info I can’t process at the time. Be it stress, timing, lack of notification or location of notification-these things can crash and burn me faster than the speeding hate mail that my CeeLee senses are telling me is already on the way.

Ding! Yep, that’s me. Gotta go


ADHD and Normal...right...



Do You HAVE To Bomb My Brain and Crash My Functions?


It's My Life, My ADHD-Every Tuesday on http://swimintheadultpool.com


 It’s Tuesday and it’s time for an ADHD story at Swim in the Adult Pool . This (yeah…it’s true) story happened last week, so it’s fresh out of the oven…and I must be hungry.


“You dropped a bomb on me

you dropped a bomb on me…”


The Redneck’s driving skills are an enviable (by some) work of art.

He can execute a successful merge onto the desired exit ramp and (loudly) verbalize helpful merging tips to other drivers, complete with hand gestures at the same time.

 I absolutely hate riding with him.

I don’t hate his driving talent. I have my own driving skills.

I hate riding with him because he knows the one thing guaranteed to make my ADHD snarl is to poke it with a carefully and casually dropped Holy Sh*&!  type of info bomb.

What better place to do so than in the car, where there are no worries over possible immediate retaliation, right? Right.

Taking advantage my being a captive audience, he’ll drop a bomb disguised as a simple statement and smirk while he watches my executive functions tailspin, crash and burn.

On the way back home from Duck’s class production last week, just such a brain-busting opportunity came a-knockin’ for my tin-tapping (welder) Redneck.

For the record, I never saw it coming.  But then again do I ever?

So this is how my brain dealt.

CAP, this is Alpha-1. We got a bogey. We’re fangs out and padlocked.”
“Copy that Alpha-1. Don’t get sunk in the floorboard”

The Redneck“So… I guess I should tell you something. I met up with an ambulance this morning.”

Me:  “You…what?!”

The Redneck:  “Well…work called them, I didn’t. I got dizzy and broke a cold sweat while I was tackin’ and my heartbeat and blood pressure went up real high. Oh and my chest hurt too.”

Me:  “But why didn’t you call me? Why did nobody call me?”

The Redneck:  ” I would have, if they’d had to take me to the hospital. But they checked me out and said I was okay. So I went back to work. The only reason I’m telling you is because you’re gonna see the chest doodads they used for the heart monitor in the trash. And I didn’t want you to worry.”

Me:  “Chest…doodads…aahh…You just went back to…Aahh….but…aahh…”

ka-POW!     sizzle...

And my brain responded…

“CAP-this is Alpha-1 . Bogey smoked. We’re three down and locked.”
“Copy that Alpha-1. The runway is clear. Three down and locked. Welcome home.”





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