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My ADHD, My Son, Our Math Homework Song

Put a smile on your face
Put a smile on your face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His homework, my headache

Ever wonder how hard it can be, having a son who knows just how to distract you from the arduous task of making him understand  how important homework, especially math homework, really is?  Wonder no further. This kid is the grand master of ADHD distraction. Thanks go to my duckling, for his help in collaborating on this project. Of course, he didn’t mind, it let him play before he had to face the music, so to speak.

You can hear what I go through…

I had an idea and this is the result. We wanted to give you a view into how much fun it is, to be around our house on a school night. Don’t be hatin’, we’re just naturally cool like that. Yeah, right….Feel better? You should!  Continue reading My ADHD, My Son, Our Math Homework Song


Operation: FreeMom — Let Go of SuperMom This Year | From BlogHer

This is my one thing that I’m going to try to do for me this year.

When I have a bad day, week, month-I need to remember this.

I am not, nor will I ever be…SuperMom.

Instead, I choose to be a FreeMom!

Thank you to Chockababy for this.

Operation: FreeMom — Let Go of SuperMom This Year | BlogHer.

Putting My Expectations On A Diet For The Holidays

Come On Holidays!

Oh wow man, it’s rreverbbb…

I have these hugely overweight expectations and life never quite is able to sync up to them. It sucks. Have you ever been watching TV and in the next room, someone else is watching the exact same show? You get to hear both TV’s  simultaneously, and you almost always can hear that slight difference. Its that minute delay in one or the other, that reverb that drives you insane in like 3 seconds flat.  Are you with me on this? Good! That’s my point.

My perception of reality isn’t quite in time with yours

It’s as apt a description as I can get, for pointing out the ever so slight but oh so noticeable delays in my perceptions of what is, versus your perceptions. I’m doing the exact same thing as you, I’m marching right along side you in cadence, but my cadence isn’t quite synced up to your cadence.Yeah, I know, I know. CeeLee and her music comparisons. I really must get out more. So why did I tell you this? Because my expectations are in desperate need of a diet. Right freakin’ now. Here’s why.  Continue reading Putting My Expectations On A Diet For The Holidays

My Meditation And My Son’s Revenge

My Son Likes His Revenge To Be Creative

My Form Of Meditation is Strange

I’m going through my spam folder. The one on my laptop, though I wish it were as easy to clear the one within my head. Both of which are filled to the brink and in danger of overflowing with useless bits of information. My son is righteously ticked over this disruption of his daily routine, and has made no bones about it.

Revenge is best served Loud

He has grown accustomed to the frantic pace of rush here, rush there, do this ASAP, more often than not, accompanied by Flight of The Bumblebee type of music. This is not to his liking. He has plotted his revenge carefully. He has chosen wisely. For the insult to his daily routine, he has sentenced me for my regrettable decision to stay at home, by resorting to the very loudest, pierce your spine and search in vain, for the ear plugs I just know he must’ve hidden from me,(on purpose) Wii game he can find. Continue reading My Meditation And My Son’s Revenge