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Before I See And Take Out Forty: Bucket List

http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=17385&picture=bucket  Bucket by George Hodan
Here it is…
My Before I Hit 40 Bucket List

Before I meet 40 face to face…

This past weekend showed me a great many things. Good, bad, funny and downright…not right, or just plain fugly. Sadly, none of them were things I could mark off my Oh Dear Gawd CeeLee’s gonna be forty and forty=ancient (so says Duck) Bucket List. I have exactly 4 1/2 months left and umpteen million things to do. And it’s not like productivity and I have been besties lately.

CeeLee’s  Bucket List

  • Get on an actual working airplane (the plane going anywhere is for an entirely different list-like the 80 age bracket)
  • Take Duck (per Duck’s request and with his evil grin, he knows my hate for heights) on the mega zipline
  • Take Duck caving (Duck also is well acquainted with my claustrophobia-the kid is evil) in an admittedly cool cave
  • My other half suggested naked skydiving (he’s weird and I have this thing against getting arrested (nekkid) and suffering abject humiliation) so…yeah um…no.
  • Try my hand at belly dancing and kickboxing.  Just not simultaneously. And most definitely not nekkid.
  • Learn how to be a better friend to my friends, ie; listen more.
  • Learn to remember that real love isn’t what the fairy tales say it is. It’s better and it suh-huh-hucks. Sometimes at the same time.
  • ***Get published*** I’ve got tons of “Thank you buts”…now I want a “We’re pleased to accept.”
  • Start the tedious process of buying a house-one we can call our own.

The bucket list clock is ticking

I think I’ll start the countdown for getting these things crossed through…tomorrow. I may be ADHD, but I’m damn near a master in procrastination. Still, if I manage to cross off five things before my carriage turns back into a pumpkin, I’ll be happy. Fifty percent ain’t bad. Not when you’re me. Besides, one of the items doesn’t count. Repeat after me. Just say “No to nekkid!” I knew you could.


My Duckling’s Return To The Nest

Duckling Home Safe

My life is good.

Not perfect by no means, but good.

Perfect gets boring eventually, right?

No, see I’m asking because I doubt I’d recognize such a thing. Not even if it were to fall from the sky and splatter on my face. 😉

Happy weekend! My Duck is home and safe.

Relatively speaking… as I watch him watching fireworks and begging to light his own (keep dreamin’ pal) and happy.

And I feel okay today.

Not perfect, but good.

A Scene From When Gardens Strike Back


http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=7254&picture=ivy">Ivy</a> by Peter Griffin
I Should’ve Stuck To Pulling This Kind of Ivy


This Just In At All News About NO News…

We’re going to join our on-location reporter where she’s live at the scene of the occurrence, momentarily. Late last week, an innocent woman was yet another victim of what has been a disturbing trend in the past, but one recently on the rise. The trend?

The Garden Attack.

Targeting the a wide array of victims, it appears to prey upon the wary and unwary alike. Scientists are puzzled over what appears to be a completely random pattern, and urge gardeners to take precautions, such as pants that fit.

Let’s go live. Nadia, are you with us?”

“Yes, Bob, I’m here and standing with me is the latest victim, Cee…um…Lee. Yeah…Ma’am? Can you tell us what happened?”

What?! I’m terribly sorry, you’re going to need to speak up, I’m deaf from having to blast my mp3 player in order to drown out the neighbors dog to keep my sanity. Now, what did you say?”

“Can you tell the viewers at home what happened?”

Well I don’t know what you’re saying but I can tell you what happened.”

“That would be great.”

What?! Never mind. I was minding my own business, just listening to my music and doing a bit of weeding in my garden when it just jumped on me from out of nowhere.

“What jumped on you?”

What?! Dammit speak up! I can’t hear-


Oh! Why didn’t you ask me before? Now I look like an idiot, thanks a ton. The poison ivy jumped on me, you silly woman. If it snarled or made any noises, I didn’t hear it, but I sure saw it, with it’s red eyes and mouth full of it’s…itchy stuff. It scared me bad, but I couldn’t run. It wrapped around my legs and I fell face first into the dirt.”

“What, ahem. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!”

Geesh lady, are you deaf too? I can hear fine, you needn’t holler me down like that. The poison ivy jumped down the back of my pants, that’s what happened.

” Is that why you’re dancing like that? ”

 I know you’re a hotshot reporter and all, but wouldn’t you dance around if you got attacked by a poison ivy monster that went down the back of your pants and in your butt crack that’s already had a run in with a spider on a highway, but now has a rip roaring case of poison ivy?!

I take hourly baths in Calamine, have to be hogtied to my bed so I don’t scratch in my sleep and have the indignity of having everything and I do mean everything swell shut. Now I ask you. Wouldn’t you dance-oh hey, lookit that butterfly!”

(sigh) “ADHD too? Great…Back to you Bob.”

Okay, so maybe it sounded better in my head…


I’ve never been allergic to poison ivy in my entire life. I have even gone so far as to roll around on it just so I might strike swiftly and without warning, on the unwary and allergic, I’m just that mean. But it’s not funny when the joke’s on me. Or rather, plastered across one the worst areas possible to get such a joke.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a Calamine dunking waiting on me.

And a garden to annihilate.


My Doctor is still laughing


Tangled Within My Own Rumination And My Situation

Finding Answers To A Question I Don't Know
Finding Answers To A Question I Don’t Know

It wasn’t all that long ago that I (thought) had my course in life all plotted out. I’ve always followed my gut and while it’s been hit or miss, I tend to trust that more than anything (tech) else. My own inner nav, so to speak, is (was) much more reliable than even the scarily sophisticated and intimidating, onboard GPS nav belonging to that of my car. Or so I thought.

“And the Gold medal in Olympic style mental knot tying category goes to…” 

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