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Instead of swimming in the adult pool, I went on vacation

It’s a yearly ritual most of us try to do.

A vacation.

To get away from the people, places, and things–that drive you crazy all year long.


I loaded up 3 boys and a big ole boat and hot the road
3 boys and a big ole boat


This year I decided to embrace the crazy-makers, pack them into an SUV, and haul a big ole boat across the state.

Crazy, I know.

But the stars must’ve lined up just so, as the boys didn’t beat each other senseless AND the SUV decided to cooperate.

Not too bad for a big boat, tiny truck
Had the whole David and Goliath theme going on


Both events were awe-inspiring and just short of miraculous.

To put it mildly.

The 3 boys learned the joys of standing on a pebbly beach, hunting for shells.


Huey, Dewey, and Lewey
Huey, Dewey, and Lewey


Of quiet moments on a cool, end of summer morning.

Quiet moments like this, sans electronics are to be treasured
Quiet moments like this, sans electronic,  are to be treasured


Of letting ‘er rip and roar wide open once the no-wake zone has been breached.

Let 'er rip
Let ‘er rip



Of boating on a lake, with the hot sun beating down and the life jackets chafing, oh and lest I forget–life outside xbox and WiFi access.

WiFi? We Doan need no stinking wifi
WiFi? We Doan need no stinking WIFI!


They  learned to conquer the fear of the unknown while tubing across the wake from the boat.

Tubing really is fun
Huh. Tubing really Is fun


The fun to be had when taking a flying leap overboard and jumping into a cool lake.

Life jackets work as great bobbers
Life jackets work as great bobbers


And I found happiness.


Duck is growing so fast now
Duck is growing so fast now


And peace, believe it or not.


  • Life is good after a full day on the water
    Life is good after a full day on the water


And coffee.

Coffee is always a good thing
Coffee is always a good thing



Because…Walmart happens


Yeah. It was a great vacation.

















I would’ve blogged but…

I would’ve blogged sooner, I really would have, but a plastic grocery bag monster tried to eat me.

candid can shots of plastic bags
It’s just a plastic grocery bag…(yeah but it’s got big teef!)

Then a camera eating snake tried to snatch my cell from my hand, but just before it could…
Getting the one snake in a bucket pranked. With a real snake.
Wait, what?! This is a LIVE snake?

I was saved by a dirty Redneck who only rode to my rescue in the first place (and with much laughter at my expense) because he wanted free labor, go figure.
Not as easy to choose over blogging but necessary. If I want a ceiling anytime soon
Talking dirty with Rednecks. “Dammit, I said HOLD THIS!”

So I decided to call it a day and sack out next to a possum-playing Duck.
Fun with Duck over blogging
Having fun with Duck

Only to be awakened by my flowers banging on the window. Seems they were miffed over my mistreatment of them and of their photogenic beauty so I needed to take pics of them.
I chose my flowers instead of my blog
My flowers needed photographing

So I did.
Then the green beans demanded I pick then and…
Fresh green beans over blogging
Pick me! No, pick ME! Pick me!…

I did as they commanded, lest they loose the horde of steroidal stink bugs on us.
But mostly?
I think I’ve been procrastinating.

Let me clear my throat (have mercy babe)


 It’s time to officially kick the funk and catch you all up.

What better way than to use pics

and massacre the lyrics of a decent song?

I’m going old school and this is how we do it, CeeLee-style.

Dance with me now


Some of y’all might know this,  And some of y’all don’t

Some of y’all might be with this, and some of y’all won’t…


Here we go now…1, 2, 3…

Let me clear my throat,  Oh, have mercy babe,
I hope ya don’t mind


My son, the shark
What? You’ve never seen a Shark Duck before? Watch out, he bites…


Peter Piper picked a pepper but CeeLee rocks the pool


Mother's come in all forms
I know how she feels. Duck hollers to be fed every 2 hours too. Convincing him to feed himself is a WIP


I bet ‘cha never knew but now ya know

I’m the undisputed queen of bad dancing

I hate spiders, especially those on steriods
Small problem with a BIG spider…


Now if y’all wanna party like I do (low-key and slow)

If y’all wanna party (badly) like me,

lemme hear ya say

“CeeLee gots a ja-ja-ja-job!”

(oh hot damn!)


DIY Home Improvement
YES, we have real lights and a real fan. We’re moving up in the world


 Yeah, rock to the rhythm of the funky rhyme

So I can get this in just one more time

To the beat and ya don’t quit-

okay…now you can quit. I’m worn out.

*CeeLee is not responsible for injuries incurred while dancing badly.

That’s all on you. I think I pulled a butt muscle.*

source: Let Me Clear My Throat Metrolyrics