The 2 Minute Organization Trick


ADHD Organization Tricks

“Living with clutter and disorganization burdens most adults. Staying organized requires focus and consistent action. There’s hope. People CAN become organized so they stay that way. I’ve done it. The secret is getting organized in a way that suits our impulsive and spontaneous nature. That’s why I like little tricks that make organizing practically natural. Here’s one of my all time favorite organizing tricks.”  By: Dana Rayburn via Organized For Life.


The Two-Minute Rule

A surefire organizing trick to help even the most unfocused of us conquer disorganization and get things done. It’s incredibly simple: when you notice a task you can do in two minutes or less, do it when you think of it. That’s all there is to it.

  1. You notice something that needs to be done.
  2. Quickly decide if it can be done in less than two minutes.
  3. If you can do it in two minutes or less then you do it!
  4. The Two-Minute Rule makes life easier both at work and at home.
  5. Papers get filed, phone calls get made, dishes get rinsed and put in the dishwasher, junk mail gets recycled, clothes get hung up instead of tossed on the floor.


Practice makes perfect

With a bit of awareness you can follow the Two-Minute Rule and greatly reduce procrastination. For example. You remember you need to make a dentist appointment. The typical approach? Do it later. The Two-Minute Rule approach? Look up the number, pick up the phone and schedule the appointment. When you’ve made the appointment, instead of waiting to add it to your calendar, you do it on the spot. After all, it will take less than two minutes to do.

(Wondering how you’ll find the dentist’s phone number and your calendar? Since you’ve been following the Two-Minute Rule, naturally, they’re right where they belong!) But what if you really don’t have two minutes right then or you know something will take longer than that to do.

Last resort? Write it on your To Do List…

Adding a task to your To Do List is the last resort. Why put something on your To Do List when doing it takes just a smidgen more time? Follow the Two-Minute Rule and take care of things when you notice them. Using the Two-Minute Rule has made it much easier to do things when I notice them. I think it’s the two-minute time frame. Just don’t get discouraged and give up.


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